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Your Devotional Temperament

What’s the best way to read the Bible? Many people think it’s something like getting up real early every day and intensely reading through the entire Bible every year. And if you can’t pull that off, well…you’re a spiritual weakling and you better stick with Our Daily Bread.

But is the pre-dawn snow plow routine really the best way for everyone to engage with God’s Word? Sure, it’s a good method, if you can keep it up. But what if you can’t? What if you aren’t a morning person? Or what if you’re new to the Bible? Or what if reading is difficult for you?

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to a concept I call “devotional temperament.” It’s a combination of your level of Bible understanding, your unique learning style and the needs and concerns in your life at any given time. It seems to me that the best Bible reading method for you would be one that takes all those perspectives into account. My concern is that as Christians we inadvertently emphasize a Bible reading method that is at odds with the unique way God has wired many of us. No wonder so many people struggle to maintain a regular Bible reading habit.

In a future post, I want to share more about this topic. But for now, I simply want to say this: don’t feel guilty if you aren’t a Bible marathoner. Instead, just take 5 minutes today to engage with the Bible in a way that seems most satisfying to you—reading, listening, even singing. Then thank God for speaking to you.


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