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Essential Bible Ministries was founded by Christian author and speaker, Whitney T. Kuniholm, with the following mission: to help people of all ages meet God every day in his Word, and to be a catalyst for church-based Bible reading revival.

Mr. Kuniholm is the creator of three church-wide Bible reading programs based on his books.  To date, the Essential Series has reached more than 20 million people and has been translated into 25 languages.  Christianity Today summarized, “E100 provides an excellent overview of God’s big picture.”  And Charles W. Colson commented, “I am encouraged by E100.  Many will be helped by the choice of texts.


The bigger vision of Essential Bible Ministries is that when people read and live God’s Word in community, it leads not just to the renewal of a personal spiritual discipline, but also to renewal in the church and revival in the community.


Mr. Kuniholm is President Emeritus of Scripture Union USA, which he led for 19 years. He's also had leadership positions at American Bible Society, Prison Fellowship Ministries, and served as Chairman of the Forum of Bible Agencies-NA.

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