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More than a Symbol

Do you remember Donald Trump's photo op with the Bible a few years ago? Some thought it was positive; the President was courageously affirming America's biblical roots. Others thought is was negative; the President was cynically pandering to his political base. Whatever your view, I suspect you held it strongly.

But as I listened to the media whoo-haw that followed, it seemed everyone was missing the point: the star of the photo op was...the Bible.

So, I wrote an article for the American Bible Society entitled "More than a Symbol." My point was that regardless of who holds it, or even why, what gives the Bible power is its message of Good News for all people.

My comments were immediately picked up by Christianity Today and Religion News Service and I hope they influenced the debate in a healthy direction. Because regardless of the President's motives, the most important thing about the photo op is that more people will be drawn to God's Word (Philippians 1:18), and I invite you to join me in praying for that.


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