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Encountering God Together

Have you ever heard of community-based Bible reading? I’m not talking about a group of Bible study. What I mean is reading the same passages of Scripture over time with a group, a community of people, with the goal of experiencing God together. I’ve discovered that approach makes God’s word come alive and is the key to spiritual health and power in the church.

If that sounds interesting to you, and you’d like to read the Bible with a nationwide community, you might want to sign up to receive Encounter with God, a Bible guide from Scripture Union USA, that takes you through the major parts of the Old and New Testaments in a 5-year cycle.

Then each week, you can watch Encounter with God Together on the Scripture Union USA YouTube channel to hear an overview of the coming week’s readings. I‘ve used Encounter with God for my quiet time for over 50 years and it’s become my trusted devotional companion. I encourage you to give it a try…and join the community!

More Video Links

I’m a frequent guest on Encounter with God Together. Here are a few of my latest YouTube episodes. Enjoy!


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