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Becoming a Better Bible Reader

I got married in 1977, and since then my wife Carol and I have moved six times. One thing I've learned from those transitions is that my method of house hunting demonstrates a pattern that will help you become a better Bible reader. And I should say, real estate agents hate the way I look for houses. Here's what happens.

We research several possibilities and plan a day to view them. When the agent opens the door, the first thing I do is take a 10-minute power walk through the entire house. "Why do you always do that?" Carol used to ask. Now she knows I can't think about the details until I see the big picture. And that's the link to Bible reading.

I don't need to tell you that the Bible is complex. There are 66 books, written by 40 authors over about 1,500 years, with various writing styles, describing ancient places, people and events. Not only that, Christian leaders say you should read it every day because it will change your life. That's true. But have you ever thought, "Yeah, I want to read the Bible, but a lot of times it doesn't make any sense."

Don't worry; I think I know why. It's because we read the Bible the way a real estate agent would, one detailed room at a time. Whether it's house hunting or Bible reading, I've always thought people need to get the big picture first. And, by the way, plowing through the Bible in one year doesn't do it. You get stuck in Leviticus and give up, more confused than when you started.

Wouldn't it be good if there was a 10-minute power walk through the Bible that actually made sense of the whole thing? We'll, there is; it's called The Essential Bible Overview, a short Kindle book I wrote a few years ago. I got the idea when I man came up to me after I preached and said, "You know, your introduction in The Essential 100 is the best executive summary of the Bible I've ever read." Ding! The Essential Bible Overview was born. So if you want the Bible to make more sense, check out the The Essential Bible Overview. Oh, and my apologies if you're a real estate agent!


Get the big picture of the world's greatest book in 10-minutes or less

Wish you knew what the world's most influential book is all about but don't have time plow your way through it? The Essential Bible Overview was written just for you. In less than 10 minutes you'll get the big picture of the Bible...without getting bogged down. Plus you'll learn an easy-to-remember framework that will enable you to make sense any Bible verse or passage you encounter for the rest of your life. Perfect introduction for new Bible readers. Helpful refresher course for long-time Bible readers. Find out for yourself what the world's greatest book is all about. Kindle Book | $2.99


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