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What is Bible Engagement?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

We don’t need more Bibles in America. What we need is more Bible engagement. The question is, what exactly is that?

On a practical level it means there are different ways to take in the Bible’s message—reading, listening, discussing, watching, acting, etc. And on a philosophical level it means there are different outcomes that can result from connecting with the Bible, including  a) Knowledge: we can learn more about the Bible; b)Truth: we can understand and base our lives on biblical principles; c) Relationship: we can experience the presence of the living God as we read and attempt to obey his Word. 

My observation is that most Bible-related resources available today focus on helping us gain more knowledge and truth, both of which are important.  But the outcome that makes the Bible come alive, and the one most people are most hungry for, is a real encounter with God.  So while all our Bible engagement efforts must be well-designed and must aim for habit formation, the most important thing is that they must also help people meet God every day in the context of Scripture.

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